Saudi denies would let Israeli jets pass for Iran attack
06-Jul-2009 (5 comments)

"Of course this is not true. We don't have any kind of relationship with the Israelis,"

the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also denied the report, calling it "fundamentally wrong and baseless."

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Thank you Shah Gollam

by Golbaang on

your explanations make sense..

Shah Ghollam

Israel not capable to sustain attacks against Iran

by Shah Ghollam on

Military speaking, Israel is no longer an "omni potent" force in the Middle East. Like any other confrontation, any adversary must calculate its losses in the conflict. For Israel, any direct military adventurism will be costly unlike any of its wars in the recent years. This is not a boast but a real;ity on the ground.

In military conflict with Iran, Tel Aviv will be a target and see its own "shock and Awe" skyline, an openning of a front from the North with Hezbolah and possibly with Syria, the shocking rise of oil prices in a worst global ressesion and the eventual loss of trust by the West as a "partner". The consequences of such a war will be beyound Middle East and finally, with the Israeli military capabilities as it stands today, any aggression against Iran will be of a limited nature with no guarantee of success for its mission namely taking out Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Israel, short of making anatonistic statements and creating media threats against Iran by actions such as a massive Israeli air force maneuvers or passing its submarine through Suez canal, is incapable of taking any steps further as far as war with Iran is concerned.

Israel, may be a master in media games but beyond that its military capabilities are simply no match to face Iran with a 1300 miles of gap. You can be rest assured, if it was anything else, Iran would have been attacked A LONG TIME AGO when Iran first announced its nuclear activities. Israel will have no choice but to eat Iran poison of having the nuclear knowledge to match that of Israel's.

There will be no attacks from Israel!!!!! These are all emply threats and Hollywood style shows for majority of Iranians as its audience who do not understand the military industry to perhaps pressure their own government in Tehran. 


I hope the Saudis are

by Golbaang on

I hope the Saudis are telling the truth, the thought of Isrealis attack is devastating.


It is not as if they would admit to it if it was true

by Bavafa on

Which still may very well be true.  Politics is a dirty business and the Saudis and Israelis are the master of playing dirty.