Roxana Saberi's Letter to the US Government
09-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

I am writing to request that your Commission, the White House and the U.S. Department of State do more to raise the case of the seven Baha’is who are scheduled to go on trial on Saturday in Iran and to call for their immediate release. In addition to the hundreds of Iranians who have been detained in the context of Iran’s disputed presidential poll, many other “security detainees” arrested long before the June election remain behind bars. Several are “prisoners of conscience” who are being held without due process and solely because they peacefully pursued freedom of expression, freedom of association or religious beliefs.

Ali Najafi

Roxana Saberi: Release the Baha'is

by Ali Najafi on

The 7 Baha'i leaders are scheduled to go on trial on July 11th. These women and men have been held for over one year in Evin Prison, without access to their lawyer, Shirin Ebadi, and her legal team. Whatever your religious or philosophical belief, I ask each of you, whether Iranian or non-Iranian, to keep these 7 Baha'i leaders in your thoughts and prayers. May we all stand with these individuals, as we are also standing with the countless women and men in Iran that are working to improve their country through the example of their character and actions



I say let the non-spy ones go .....

by wgm1919 on



Free Iran

by Razin Shaikoli (not verified) on

I saw the events shown and reported on TV shortly after the disputed elections in Iran. Living in Canada has made me take for granted the peace and freedom you would think each human being should be afforded.

Using violence and other coerce measures against your own people for reason they do not agree with you and thus threaten your hold on power is not just. It is shameful.

Democracy is not perfect. Far from it. But to be beaten and killed because you dare show displeasure at your government? That makes me sad.

One day the people and ideology running Iran will be no more. Hopefully replaced by the better. That will be a happy day.