Will world applaud us?
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09-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

At times, we need to stop and rethink everything. Our entire history is made up of people who were sure they knew the truth, yet forgot that the truth has an annoying tendency to change on occasion without us noticing it. After all, only six years ago, President George W. Bush declared total victory in Iraq; five years ago, Ariel Sharon declared that Gush Katif will never be evacuated; only two years ago, we were sure that pure capitalism won and America's economy will continue to flourish; only a year ago, most experts explained that the US will never have a black president; only two months ago, it was clear that Netanyahu will never recognize the two-state vision. This week, I will try to reexamine some truths that appear clear and self-evident to us. This is not exact science, but it is an opportunity to take another look at some things that looks obvious, even though they are not.

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Shah Ghollam


by Shah Ghollam on

First, Iraq today is not under Saddam nor a Sunni minority. That totally removes the threat from Iraq except, it is the USA that is holding the security strings this time. Iraq will be made a threat but not by the will of its people nor government but by the US having direct control over the Iraqi armed forces now VS. indirect manippulation back in Saddam times. As such, the US will de fange Iraq of any threat it may pose against Israel (recall, Saddam was a threat to Israel) but against Iran, it will a whole different ball game, time will prove this.

As for for my reference to women's outfit and demonstrations, I merely meant that having these two particularly prove a country has democracy. There are plenty of such cases around the world.

But in general, most Iranians crying aloud for "Western Democracy" continuely miss where Iran is located and what is its history and culture. In fact, most Iranians in the West, and the travelled ones inside Iran, have never visited a so called "third world nation" for holidays, but LA, NY, London, Paris and Rome is their top itiniary.

Is there then any wonder why we consistantly hear cries for "Western Democracy"? In any case, this discussion would be long and off of the scope here.

As for 'Iranian women should wear anything they like", The problem is not really what they wish to do, rather, a society that will not accomodate just like the Shah's time.

Remember the story in Tehran papers before the revolution that was about a construction worker (Amaleh) that could not resist a female passer by in mini skirts and raped her right on the street not letting go even as he was beaten by men an women around him?

Iran is not North Tehran, it is a vast country with majority of its population with at least a peculiar sense of religion to different degrees. It is much easier to come to the West and see the open society but it is another thing to try to implant it in Iran. That my friend will never happen because of the very Iranian culture, at least not in a life time.

The West will do its utmost to "encourage" "Western Democracy" in Iran also. The reason is very simple. Once they succeed in their attempt to shove "Western Democracy" down Iranians throats, then which Iranian can deny and stop their interference in the affairs of the nation when the Americans hold the "patent" on Democracy?

We went through it in many different ways in Iran's history. We could not believe why Americans were selling us their top fighter jet, the F-14. But we soon realised why when the war started and we had difficuties to get spare parts to defend Iran. That is how they play games. They set the rules and we play. The Democracy issue is no different.  

Hope it is somewhat clear!




Shah Ghollam,

by Ostaad on

First, I welcome a toothless, armless and docile Iraq. Second, if the goal is for the Democracy movement in Iran, in your opinion, is for the Iranians "to wear whatever they want and scream as much as they want", then why all the hoopla? Why does the regime have an entire police force to make sure the roosaries and chadors cover enough and clothes are "loose" enough? Why has the mollahcracy spent so much energy and spilled blood for merely the right to wear whatever "they" want and scream as much as "they" want?

In your opinion, why does a 30-year-old regime have to worry about the "media" when they have the full force of God and the Twelfth Emam backing them up?!!! 

BTW, I do agree with you there won't be a direct military attack on Iran. 

Shah Ghollam

There will be no attack on Iran

by Shah Ghollam on

The Zionists have been convinced of the consequences of any attack against Iran that is why they are spending massive resources to "undo Iran" from within in the media, collaboration with any opposition, threats, political arm twisting and so on.

The irony is, the eeforts they put into behind the Democracy banner will not bring food to the Iranian table nor it will aloow national independence but for sure it will allow Iranians to wear whatever they want and scream as much as they want. Iraq is a mighty good example, Its armed forces will heavilly spend on US delapitated weapons and its resources diverged to American companies but it will be toothless, that is for sure.