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Canadaian Security Intelligence Service / Thomas Juneau
10-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

Insights into the Future

of Iran as a Regional Power

A conference of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service

jointly sponsored by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada,

National Defence Canada and the Privy Council Office

Conference rapporteur: Thomas Juneau, Carleton University .

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WGM = obsessed

by John on

I don't understand what your issue is with this document.  It's an analysis of Iran, it's government, society, people and aspirations.  This is nothing different from what every national government does.  Do you not think that the accursed and damned IRI does the same type of analysis of countries that it considers to be important to its own interests?

You can spot a conspiracy anywhere, can't you?  To quote Sigmund Freud, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".  Oh, sorry, I forgot that you probably wouldn't want to quote Freud because in you view he is probably a Zio-Nazi.  Perhaps he even worked for Mossad and was involved in fomenting riots and / or the 1953 overthrow.  Oh dear, Freud died in 1939, so none of these suppositions is possible... but let's not let his death interfere with a good story.


In fact foriegners were behind the riots

by wgm1919 on

This article clearly spells out why Iranians are disgusted of foriegn influence and that Iran will never become a real democracy unless and until these foriegners leave it alone.


Let's see what they say now !

by jimzbund on

Long live Iranian Youth


Bund, Jimz Bund