Powers won't wait for Iran to build nuclear weapon: Obama
10-Jul-2009 (6 comments)

"And that's been always our premise, is that we provide that door," said Obama."But we also say we're not going to just wait indefinitely and allow for the development of the nuclear weapon, the breach of international treaties, and wake up one day and find ourselves in a much worse situation and unable to act."So my hope is that the Iranian leadership will look at the statement coming out of the G8 and recognize that world opinion is clear."Russia, Iran's closest thing to an ally at the world's most powerful top table, argued that the bloody crackdown on opposition protestors after the June 12 polls was an "internal matter", and Washington failed to find support for its call for tougher sanctions against Tehran.

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Ali Akbar

the question is TRUST

by Ali Akbar on


Has the Iranian Government earned the trust of the rest of the "civilized world"????


If you honestly look at the happenings within Iran's borders for the last 30 years you can answer that question yourself....



I agree Rosie

by IranFirst on

A responsible elected government that represents iranians and is not trying to export terror, will actually be helped by West, US and the whole world to build Nuclear power plants

rosie is roxy is roshan

Here is the irony:

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

if the Greens were in offire, they would have been able to negotiatiate a position where they would have full capability to develop nuclear power to full capacity for civilian purposes without providing any rationalization for the UN to say they were not in compliance.

That is the irony.


Well said Fred

by IranFirst on

If a government that systematically kills her own citizens (IRI), and is NOT representing Iranians , why should the world trust it would have restrains over Nuclear bombs. Especially since it follows an Islamic idealogy which is bent on interests of spreading this savage cult and not the good of the people of the country.


No nuke for you

by Fred on

When in connection with the Islamists’ illegal full cycle nuke adjectives such as just, fair, rights under some convention and alike are used it only shows, at best, how utterly clueless  the person is.

To put it in context, it is like in the midst of massacres of starving fellow Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge, a fat Cambodian in the free world insists on the right of Cambodia to have the latest machinery of destruction. And to back up his assertion use the pedestrian logic of never you mind who is ruling or what horrific things are going on in Cambodia since others have it his country should have the right to have it too-- after all it is the only fair and just thing.  

Iran under the yoke of the Islamist cutthroats’ republic lacks many basic rights that the Islamist occupiers have robbed her and her citizens of. Fairness and justice requires it to deny the robbers any and all access to technologies that assure the longevity and proliferation of its Islamist tyranny.  


The question is

by Bavafa on

Is there a just way to ensure Iran's right to nuclear energy based on NPT yet preventing it from weaponization of the technology.

Also, unless there is some course of action against India, Pakistan and Israel for possessing the bomb, any action against Iran will be unjust and unacceptable.