Iran prepares package to offer West - minister
11-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

"The package can be a good basis for talks with the West. The package will contain Iran's stances on political, security and international issues," Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told a news conference."."We have not received any new message from the G8. But based on the news we have received, they had different views on different issues which did not lead to a unanimous agreement in some areas," Mottaki said.

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Ali Akbar

Iran has something to offer the west????

by Ali Akbar on

 besides Natural Gas and Crude OIL

ummm..yea right...


Iran needs to clean up things at home before anyone in the "west"

[I am under the presumption that means the EU and the USA and Canada]

Why should anyone in the west trust ANYTHING the present regime says when there is such anger the IRANIANS are displaying to their own government....  the Shah had that problem until 1979..

The present regime was able to take advantage of the confusion by diverting it's own shortcomings to their useful list of scapegoats....

If you remember history Adolf Hitler was able to blame the JEWS and other outsiders for Germany's debacle in WWI....

Fast Forward 70 years later Khomeini and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad want to blame Israel, political dissidents, Jews, Zoroastrians and the Bahá’ís for their problems…



Another Game delaying Tactic by IRI..

by IranFirst on

After EU/G8 and Obama gave them time until September or so, or sanctions, IRI comes up with promise of a "Package". IRI has been talking about this since April (and many more fake ones in the yeras past). Look for them to drag it long and then come up with some empty words, and when it is rejected by the world have their hired Basij thugs come out and burn few more flags in from of embassies. An old game to buy time.