Do the Iranians Differ from the Arabs?
asharq alawsat / Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed
14-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

The recent events only confirm these differences [between the Iranians and the Arabs], and illustrates the importance of the Iranian public. We must not forgot that the Iranian public was the main catalyst for change against the Shah in the late seventies, and before this in the fifties during the popular uprising led by [former Iranian Prime Minister] Mohamed Mosaddeq against the Shah. This uprising would have been successful were it not for outside interference.

On the other hand, the Arab public – despite all their talk – has never initiated any [political] change whatsoever. Even the revolutions that the Arab public is credited to have played a part in, such as the Arab Revolt in the early twentieth century, and the Egyptian Revolution in the mid-twentieth century, had in reality nothing whatsoever to do with the Arabic public.

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Thank you Abdul!



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A good Article. Here is another recent one about the same subject


I hope Arabs get
their freedom too. Unfortunately, I think if you hold free elections in
many Arabs countries today (Egypt for example) they will choose and go through the same
detour of Islamization/barbarism,  that Iranians are trying so hard to
get out of now , after 30 years