A Letter to a Former Friend
23-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

I didn't see him again until the war was over and we had returned to Tehran. From the war, despite the smoke and darkness, no one forgot a face. Several years later, I recognized the man who had given me his water; he was Mojtaba Khamenei, the son of then president Ali Khamenei, who is now known as the leader! Here's a letter I'd like to send him today.

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What are you talking about?  What gibberish?  And who is it scaring you?

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this guy is scaring me

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why do you have gibbrish writing there on your blog?

האיום האיראני מפות ומצגות

מפות דינמיות של המזה"ת. מצגות פלאש. שיחזור ארועי חדשות אינטראקטיביים. what does it mean