Iranian Opposition Figure’s Brother in Detention
The New York Times
24-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

The wife of the Iranian opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi spoke out forcefully on Thursday against the recent publication of accusations against her imprisoned brother, saying the accusations were false and amounted to a new effort by Iran’s hard-line leadership to discredit the opposition movement. The brother, Shahpour Kazemi, was arrested a month ago, and the Iranian authorities are reported to be preparing to broadcast videotaped confessions by some people detained in the unrest.

I am announcing that if they force a confession out of Mr. Kazemi or publish a hundred pages of accusations against him, neither I nor the people of Iran will believe it,” Ms. Rahnavard said,


Let her dadash & all others go

by Fred on

Just like her deceased sister, Jaleh Kazemi, the Pahlavi era radio personality her brother, Shahpor Kazemi, is a permanent resident of U.S., the so called Green Card holder. As a U.S. taxpayer isn’t he entitled to some sort of U.S. consular visit at Evin Prison albeit through Swiss?  



Whatabout U Fred?

by Anonymous8 on

as a Israeli citizen, shouldn't you register your Zionist lobbying with State? U can spread your propaganda against kazemi after that!