Accused Israel spy hints at FBI anti-Semitism in AIPAC probe
Haaretz / Yossi Melman
25-Jul-2009 (12 comments)

Franklin now plans to write a book entitled "Clash" explaining in detail how he believes the United States (and the world) can be saved from the Iranian threat. Attacking Iran's nuclear facilities will be like falling into a trap, he notes: "The Israeli government's intelligence agencies must do everything short of attacking Iranian territory to disrupt the rule of Iran's military theocrats. To take the bait and bomb Iran's known nuclear facilities will gain some time, but it will unite Iranians behind a despised regime. Propaganda, cyberwar, sabotage all are viable weapons [in this struggle]."

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gitdoun ver.2.0

to Mr. Ostad

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i think you over shot the mark quiet a bit by calling me an "Iran Hater" simply because I and many others are against the IRI. Hating the IRI does not constitute enmity towards Persia. IRI= Wilayat Faqhi. And it's that office of Supreme Dictatorship that i am against !!!

I loath Khameni, his revolutionary guards, and the basij. So long as Khamenei is power I am supportive of measures that will prevent that Mad-Man from having the atomic bomb. Again curbing the power of the IRI/Wilayat Faqhi does not correlate to being an IRAN HATER. I'm against this fascist dictatorship military regime but not the iranian people held hostage by them. I do not support Military invasions that will cause the deaths of innocent iranians nor do i support economic sanctions that will starve them either. But i am supportive of any "wet operations" esponiage, cyber war, and assasinations of I.R.I. officials that will weaken this military government that has taken a facade of Shia'ism.

The welfare of the iranian populace is my primary concern. If a surgical strike on a nuclear facility would in any shape or form harm an innocent population living in a nearby town then , personally , i think it should NOT be done.  i.e. radioactive clouds, illnesses induced by radiation,  etc etc etc

i didn't take analysis to conclusion in considering that these factors could arise if khamenei's nuclear sites were hit.  In that case, i think getting that mad man khamenei in agreeing to  snap inspections by the U.N. would be the best middle road.

Shah Ghollam

I always found it interesting

by Shah Ghollam on

that how some people here namely Fred, Kashani spread every bit fascist ideology and and yet they claim they are for "freedom" and "Democracy" in Iran.

As they say, if the flower has a good scent you you should smell it from afar!



Farhad Kashani

Anonymous8, you're not even a human!

by Farhad Kashani on

...cause you lack the simple sense of feeling sympathy for the innocent Iranians who are dying by the minute in the big prison IRI created called Iran, at a rate far worse than what Israel is doing to Palestinians!

You're not a Jew, nor an Iranian, nor an Iranian Jew, nor even a true Muslim, because anyone who supports a Fascist regime such as IRI cannot have humane emotions, therefore, cannot be a human.

Tu adam nisty.



gitdoun, on one point we agree...

by Ostaad on

I despise the "fuhrer", the regime that he represents and the ideology, not the religion, that he has latched on to in order to rule Iran. I do not despise the Sepahyaaneh enghelaab because they are mainly ordinary Iranian kids who love their country and are ready to lay down their lives for its defense, in fact that's how the Sepah got started to defend Iran against Saddam's attacks,  but they are being manipulated by some grown ups for their own wealth and power.

That said, people like you have "appeared" on this site advocating "targeted sanctions", "surgical attacks" and smart bomb on allegedly nuclear sites before. You have gone a step further by advocating terrorism (unless by "a few snipers taking out..." you mean something entirely different). I'm sorry but you're too transparent not to be called an Iran-hater.

War is war, whether its happens in cyberspace or real-space. Sabotage will have consequences. No one can rule out that causing a nuclear accident will be solely confined to a specific location and ordinary people will not be hurt, or killed.

Israeli war criminal usually write these off as unintended "collateral damage". You seem to be in complete agreement with those war criminals too.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

gitdoun ver.2.0

to Ostad

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i do not hate Iran. I do however despise the Supreme Dictator Khamenei and the revolutionary guard. I do not believe city bombings will take place by any foreign powers (unless there is another lunatic like Saddam) since it would have severe political reprecussion within iran and across the world. It's in the free-worlds interest to have Iran divided than united. So No, i don't think it's in any countries interest in bombing the iranian populace. But it's true, i would prefer a more indirect approach such as cyberwar, sabotage, and maybe a few snipers to take out the 13th imam --Ayatollah al-Uzma Imam Syed Ali Khamenei Hifzullahu'alay. please recite salawat after his blessed name...lool killing that false messiah, pretender of aime' tahireen, would be to the benefit of Iran and to the benefit of Islam in a whole.

This bid'aah of wilayat faqhi will wash away in time as other innovations have before it.  i bet you my grandson will not know what a wilayat faqhi is !!! -inshallah



The only shameless are Israel lovers like farhad

by Anonymous8 on

you and your "sneaky" propagandists are a disgrace to jews and even a bigger disgrace to iranian jews.

Farhad Kashani

It is truly out of ultimate

by Farhad Kashani on

It is truly out of ultimate sneakiness, or shameless propaganda, for these few remaining IRI supporters not to ever ask themselves why is that Israel wants to bomb Iran (allegedly!)? And it is out of ultimate stupidity for them to say it’s because they are “Iran haters”! What do they hate about us, our race? Language? Music? Food? What exactly? Why is it that they want to bomb us?


They never ask, intentionally or unintentionally, that why does IRI provoke others to attack Iran, like they did with Saddam when they wanted to “export their revolution to the land of Imam Ali”?? They never ask why does Iran have so many enemies.


The Iranian people know, and the world knows, that IRI is a chaos causer, it’s a provoker. That’s the culture of the extremist traditionalist Iranians who constitute IRI. That’s who they are. They provoke people. They have been provoking the world for 30 years now, for absolutely no good reason, and most importantly, for absolutely no benefit to the Iranian people.


Not only we shouldn’t be bashing Israel or America, we have to thank them a 1000 times a day that they showed unprecedented patience in face of IRIs constant non stop bashing and provocation in the last 30 years.



Plane crashes, anyone?

by Anonymous8 on

That many plane crashes in a row cannot be an accident. the one 2 years ago was carrying high level Pasdars.



by capt_ayhab on

I wonder what would have happened if Mr. Franklin was  a Muslim, and was accused of spying for Iran?



gitdoun, what "sentiments"? Please be specific.

by Ostaad on

Are you referring to "propaganda, cyberwar and sabotage" as weapons of neo-cons' choice to attack Iran, or you had something else in mind?

You seeme to be OK with a "little bombing" on  "remote nuclear sites"! It's been customary for all Iran haters to start with bombing remote sides which somehow kills "basijis", and only basijies and no one else.  Then they move on to bigger and better bombs to take care a few other folks they hate and to justify their criminal hatred of Iran they throw Khamenie's name in too.

Do you see how ridiculously transparent you are?

Dan Huck

Behaviors Have Consequences; We Can Amend Our Ways

by Dan Huck on

Behaviors have consequences. How many Jews, for example, would think it perfectly harmless for their 12 year old boys to go to a sleep-over at a rectory? How many Christian residents of New Jersey are not going to think more poorly of Rabbis after these sad and despicable revelations this past week? Let's not blame our bad behavior on the FBI or the police.
Whether all priests are child molesters or all jews are secret Israeli spies is not the question.
Ignoring the suffering of the orphaned children, the prematurely widowed, and the families of those who have died in Iraq, "The most painful scars" are those borne by the wounded and maimed American soldiers, (some jewish, some Iranian), as well as by the more than a million wounded and maimed Iraqi people, who have suffered at our hands, and THROUGH OUR STUPIDITY; aided and encouraged in our stupidity by our Jewish and Israeli friends.

For Mr. Franklin, who says he is a Catholic, to not only feel no shame or guilt through his complicity in this catastrophe for America, but to suggest we should listen to the same people giving the same kind of advice, i.e. war (but hold the bombs for a week or two), propagandize, sabotage (isn't this what they accuse us of doing with their election?!!), I guess I just feel very sorry for Mr. Franklin and his family, and that some of his suffering may be due to his karma. 

gitdoun ver.2.0

good article btw

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i 100% agree that sentiment expressed in the haaretz