Does MKO Think She's one of Them???
Washington Post
03-Aug-2009 (3 comments)

Get past the advertisement and click on photo #17. Do you think what I'm thinking?!


I hope Mehrdad's soul will rest in peace. (the guy in the picture)

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by capt_ayhab on

Even more shameless is the  Maryam Rajavi's  photo op at NEDA's memorial. This cult has no shame.




MKO as dangerous if not worse than IRI

by mahmoudg on

Rest assured people, Iranian will never let MKO take hold.  I think we have gone through 100 years of revolts not to fall into this mess again.  the time of religion and marxism is over in the world, and iran is the last vestige of this type of governance.  I am confident that MKO will have no part in the future of Iran, so rest assured. 


I am not sure what you are thinking

by Bavafa on

but I feel outraged to see MKO holding the picture of Neda, who clearly had not committed any treason or wrong doing towards her country, next to a MKO member. To me, this is a show of the opportunistic nature of this group who betrayed their home land and collaborated with the regime that so brutally attach Iran with all means. I have no doubt this group will not hesitate to betray Iran once again if they are given the opportunity by Israel or US.

Having said that I don't wish them any harm, perhaps only a fair justice