Repression as a sign of weakness
The Jerusalem Post / David Horowitz, The Editor
08-Aug-2009 (2 comments)

The optimism now faintly discernible stems, in
part, from a recognition in Jerusalem that Iran's relatively serene
path ahead might actually have been smoother still if the ongoing
controversy stemming from its disputed June presidential elections had
played out differently.

An Iranian regime grappling with internal dissent, preoccupied
with domestic concerns and thus in no fit state to enter diplomatic
contacts with the United States, even as its centrifuges continue to
spin, represents a far from ideal reality. But there was actually a
worse potential outcome to the presidential election furor.

IN THAT worst-case scenario, the regime in Teheran,
internalizing the extent of its people's sense of betrayal over the
corrupt elections, would have bent to popular will. It would have
acknowledged a degree of electoral fraud and blamed players lower down
the hierarchy. It would have restaged the elections - though less
"staging" would have been necessary. And this time it would have named
the "reformist" opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi as the victor and
new president, replacing Ahmadinejad.

And it would have sent an immensely reassuring
message to the international community: Here was a regime acting in the
interests of its people, a responsible regime, a rational regime. ... >>>


Doctor Zionist says, let them eat sanctions...

by Ostaad on

Here' a good example of a Zionist Iran-hater's fantasy to keep inflicting as much damage on the "good people of Iran" by portraying them as a bunch of masochists who crave for more sanctions:
" there is an awareness that the good people of Iran are essentially demanding the imposition of tougher sanctions - anything to help bring down the mullahs." Now that's a fantasy espoused by ALL Iran-haters who are claiming they know what the "good people of Iran" are "demanding", and at the same time push for sanctions that will ruin the livelihoods of the VERY people standing up to the regime demanding their civil/human rights.


Mola Nasredeen

One has to remind idiots like him "Remember Lebanon, attacking

by Mola Nasredeen on

 Iran will be 100 times costlier for Israel and her allies in Middle East! It's a waiting game and Middle Easterns have no where to go! They are demonized in the West so they can't migrated in large number to Western countries. So, they'll resist and outwait the intruders such as the Zionists who have occupied Palestine.

Besides, Repression is a sign of weakness for the racist regime of Israel too, for imprisoning millions of people in Gaza and the West Bank. For torturing and keeping tens of thousands Palestinians inside the Zionist regime's prisons. 

PS. Ostaad thanks for posting the article. This Horowitz guy looks like has a inferiority complex.