U.S. fuel sanctions to hurt Iran, a boon for traders
Reuters via Payvand
08-Aug-2009 (2 comments)

Neta Crawford, a professor of political science at Boston University who studied the effect of oil sanctions against apartheid in South Africa, said even leaky sanctions there strained the economy and fractured the elites' hold on society.

"Sanctions deny them their resource, force them to pay a premium for that resource, and then the cost of evading the embargo just means they don't have the resources to do whatever it was they initially wanted to do," Crawford said.

"Everything they do to evade sanctions becomes a huge tax. It creates these huge grey and black market economies, and people who wouldn't have been empowered become empowered
by making a whole lot of money."


Sanctions make Iranians poor, enemies rich...

by Ostaad on

Has it occured to you why the US congress is following the right wing Jewish lobby orders by pushing oil sanctions?!!! The answer is blowing in the wind, my freind. More money for their contributors.



Eyval Ostaad,

by Q on

the warmongers are sneaking a fast one by us in the name of "supporting Iran". And there are plenty of morons going along with the ride. Thanks for the post.