Probe urged into Iran jail 'rape'
10-Aug-2009 (one comment)

In the letter addressed to Mr Rafsanjani in his capacity as head of the Assembly of Experts, Mr Karroubi demanded an investigation into allegations that several detainees had been sexually assaulted.

"Some of those arrested [as a result] of the unrest claim that detained girls have been sexually assaulted with... brutality," he wrote.

"The young men in detention were also sexually assaulted in such a way that some are now suffering from depression and other physical and psychological problems, and are incapable of even leaving their homes," he added.

Mr Karroubi said that the people who had told him about the allegations of sexual assault held "sensitive positions".

"Even if one account is true, it would be a tragedy for the Islamic Republic… and it would whitewash the sins of many dictatorships, including that of the deposed Shah," he added.

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an dedicated water carrier boy for AIPAC, you are the last person to talk about the "truth". You're only trained by Iran's enemies to propagate deceit.