NIAC Condemns 'Show Trials' and Campaign of Repression in Iran
12-Aug-2009 (11 comments)

Washington DC - The National Iranian American Council condemns the mass “show trial” of opposition figures and systematic abuse of detainees by Iranian authorities which have led to numerous deaths and injuries in custody. NIAC believes these repressive tactics are aimed at misleading the Iranian public about post-election events and intimidating Iranians from further dissent or activism.

“These show trials add to the long list of violations committed by Iranian authorities,” said NIAC President Trita Parsi. “There should be no illusion in Tehran about where world public opinion stands on these outrageous trials and accusations.”

On August 1, Iranian authorities began a mass “trial” of over 100 individuals, including former vice president, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, and a top reformist figure, Mohammad Atrianfar. The detainees, who appeared in court without the previous knowledge of their lawyers or families, “confessed” to attempting a “velvet coup” in the post-election unrest and claimed they no longer believed the elections were fraudulent.

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KouroshS, really, you're calling me Nazi now?

by Q on

I just want to make sure, I understand. I didn't say anything to you or about you, but you're calling me a Nazi supporter? Is this the kind of class you have?

I assume this means you're not interested in the deal we previously talked about? As this seems to be proof, but I just want to make sure. You can always edit your own comment, by the way.


This is for jj to read

by oktaby on

I already wrote JJ about this. My and others' comments critical of NIAC and specifically this post have been removed. WHY? What is driving this conduct? Is on the take too? We know what NIAC is but whoever is editing these comments or removing them is obviously biased but no material fact changes.

NIAC is an organization with a clear agenda which is not Iranian or pro-Iran. Trita Parsi is a disciple of Zbigniew Brezinsky of Jimmy Carter and 1979 fame. Don't get me wrong Brezinski is a bright, articulate man. The first one with a painfully exposed Polish accent o become NSA chief and clearly stated his anti Iraq war position over the last few years. However, he is no friend of middle east, Iran, or even U.S. in my opinion. Trita, Behnood, Sazegara and the rest who all have some form of organization and support the structure of Islamic republic in some form, despite strategic populist newswire to pretend they are middle of the road. This is not my opinion but readily establishable by facts and history and lineage of these organizations. As I said in earlier comments (removed twice by a miracle of technology-and I assure you if continued it will have consequences for credibility of at least as NIAC has none) no Iranian that I know of, from a broad spectrum of Iranians inside or outside Iran will give the time of day to NIAC but somehow they have the money to spread their message. Iranian people are tired of those who sell their country for so amazingly little and that is the jist of the movement. Niac has never served and will never serve Iranian people or their interest. By its very foundation and people and those who fund it, it cannot. This is supposed to be an open forum where NIAC can post as they do plenty of but the readers such as myself are free to comment and we all stand on our words. The problem comes in where NIAC post persists but somehow comments not favorable to them is removed. This in itself is the very nature of NIAC's existence. The only thing that is unfortunate, is that the smell of their conduct is starting to spread into


"show condemnation" to raise money?

by verytass on

Is this more than just a "show condemnation" by NIAC to gain publicity and use that to raise money. I think we have too many organizations as is. Mr. Parsi can do Iranian American a big favor by closing NIAC and joining his efforts with other Iranian American organizations. Just a thought :) 

Kaveh Nouraee

OK, so NIAC condemned these show trials..whoopee

by Kaveh Nouraee on

But why was there an 11 day lapse between the onset of this farce and NIAC's statement? That certainly leaves a lot of important questions unanswered, especially those pertaining to NIAC's true function as a lobby. On whose behalf are they lobbying really?

And if this is "just another violation to add to an already long list", then why is NIAC calling for engagement with the IR? This is clearly a case of straddling the fence and pandering to both sides.

After 30 years, you have to be profoundly retarded not to comprehend the simple fact that engaging the IR as an equal only serves to legitimize a regime that is clearly criminal in nature.

Each and every political lobby is the same. Just another flea-infested dog looking to get scratched.


Grass root

by jamshid on

“These show trials add to the long list of violations committed by Iranian authorities.”, Trita Parsi, NIAC.

Well said NIAC.

"Kharizak did not possess the required standards to ensure the rights of the detainees", Seyed Ali Khamenei, IRNA news agency.

Well said Seyed Ali.

It seems that a lot of IRI "khodi" people actually do care for people's "rights". But I still don't know which one to vote as being more "grass root", the Seyed, or NIAC.


even better questions

by IRANdokht on

Why is it that Fred can't make a simple sentence without his favorite words and catch-phrases?

Why would an Iranian support the Israel Lobby in DC that is pushing for a military attack on Iran? but the same person would speak so negatively about the only people in DC who are watching out for the peace and the lives of Iranians?

mind boggling stuff! 



case study in slander (Fred)

by Q on

Dear NIAC and supporters,

You are in fact the largest and most meaningful Iranian group and perhaps the only real political voice Iranians have in Washington. No amount of character assassination can take that away from you.

Please observe Fred and a select few others, realize that there never was anything you could have done and said to please them. They are not concerned about policies or (comically) "timing". This is just an excuse. They are simply against you being there, representing Iranians and being able to back up your support as well. Don't waste your time even acknowledging their existence. If their view was at all significant, it would have shown up in numerous polls such as yours. They don't like you because your marginalize them as extremists that they really are. Without people like yourselves, they would have a much easier time dominating public opinion in where they have the loudest voices and deepest pockets.

Thanks again.


Niac has consistently

by Bavafa on

Niac has consistently condemned the brutality of the IRI regime specially since the last election or the lack of it for that matter. However, some hardcore pro Israel folks have tried to present them some thing they are not. I follow their website and have yet to see any statement put out that is pro hardliners. They always back what is good for Iran and Iranians and that does not set right with the AIPAC supporters.



Thank you NIAC

by IRANdokht on

I received this article and posted it on FB and sent out through email yesterday. 

Thank you

Pirooz bashid



Belatedly as usual

by Fred on

Almost the entire world has publically condemned the Islamist Rapist Republic and now the NIAC lobby does it too, but as is the lobby’s M.O. it is belatedly. The punch line is the NIAC lobby asks others to do that they’ve already done and the lobby itself  seldom does and only belatedly. 

“Human rights are universal rights,” said Parsi. “We call on the international community, governments, United Nations officials, and international human rights organizations to condemn these abuses, assist the Iranian human rights community and closely monitor the situation in Iran,” said Parsi.  

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

I have heard & read that NIAC is a lobby for IRI.  Here we read his view which condenmed IRI.  Is it only to mislead people? Please let me know what is your view.


Down with IRI & his supporters.