NIAC’s Membership Speaks Up: Delay Diplomacy, Opposes Broad Sanctions
12-Aug-2009 (8 comments)

Washington DC - The violence that erupted in the aftermath of the Iran elections left very few around the world untouched. Increasingly, US policymakers have looked to the Iranian-American community and to National Iranian American Council for feedback and guidance. As a grass-roots organization representing Americans of Iranian descent, NIAC in turn depends on feedback and surveys of its membership to determine its priorities and inform its directions. At no time has the input of the NIAC membership been more important than during the tumultuous post-election period.

Only weeks into the election crisis, NIAC conducted a survey of its membership on how the US should respond to the developments in Iran. With more than 500 respondents - a larger number than standard scientific polls on populations of one million - NIAC's membership surveys have consistently been aligned with statistical surveys of the Iranian-American community conducted by universities and professional pollsters.

So what does the majority of the Iranian-American community want according to the NIAC membership?

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Ostaad Jaan

by Abarmard on

All the NIAC members would benefit greatly from members such as you. If you do have any specific questions about NIAC approach those and if you are satisfied, then join NIAC.

The more Iranian Americans join, the more diverse and powerful our voice will become. The result of NIAC policy platform in the above article is based on a poll conducted by NIAC (to its members), showing you the importance of membership.


NIAC has always been right

by liberation08 on

NIAC has always been right about engaging iran and in its opposition to sanctions and military force. NIAC deserves credit for defeating AIPAC's terrible iran blockade resolution.

i don't understand this bashing of the NIAC by iranians. can someone give me one example of the NIAC supporting the Islamic regime? trita parsi's father was imprisoned by the regime under khomeini



by Q on

You really have to admit, you are desperately grasping for straws when you say:

NIAC does not represent anyone I know that calls himself Iranian.

If this is the kind of "verifiable" evidence that NIAC's critics are reduced to, NIAC has really won the battle.

This is just another case of a "know it all" Iranian ego so out of control that personal feelings have to be justified by argumentum ad populum.


Ostaad: do you know any other grass-root organization

by Bavafa on

that has more members, is more supportive of its members then NIAC. Perhaps, you think RP or MKO are better representative of Iranian people. But in all sincerity if you know of a better organization, I will be interested to check them out. But pls, pls pls NOT AIPAC for got sake.


I might not be Iranian, but I sure as hell support Iranian people and what is just for them. And I find NIAC representing my views more often then not, at least within all the political groups that are out there.. For that reason, I have been more then happy to donate to their cause.

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

Is there another blog about this somewhere?  If there is, then I must have posted there.  If not, then my comment was deleted too.  And it's for sure there was nothing flaggable about it.   But you and Fred and Ostaad were the same commentors there too.

What up?


One mo time- Don't flatter yourself

by oktaby on

NIAC does not represent anyone I know that calls himself Iranian. This IR supported and IR supporting organization with akhoond sefats that do not dress as akhoond, do not represent any Iranian faction, inside or outside of Iran. The jist of the Iranian movement is based on the fact that Iranian people, are tired of vatanforoush, turncoats and people who sell their country for so amazingly little. The 2 ends of the spectrum are not war or protracted 'diplomacy' as neither will work so please stop with pedestrain ideas wrapped in big words. This problem is for Iranians to resolve and get world support where they can not pretending as though U.S. with help of Trita regurgitating Brezinsky's approach (remember 1979?) can contribute to anything positive.  No one in streets of Iran, or for that matter those here in U.S. give the time of day to NIAC and half dozen organizations represented by Trita Parsi, sazegara, Behnood or the type.

 Not sure why my previous comment to the same effect was flagged by niac agents, and yet worse, removed. Try it again and I will have all the real Iranians that normally ignore niac, post their opinions in colorful text and language. Have you not been traitor long enough? Try decency for a change. You might like it.



by Ostaad on

"As a grass-roots organization representing Americans of Iranian descent...", should read, As a grass-roots organization representing A FEW Amerians of Iranian descent..."

On the other issues, no pause in negotiations and no new sanctions. Lift the old ones ASAP.

Disclosure: I'm not a member, but I support SOME planks of NIAC platform.


NIAC lobby being NIAC lobby

by Fred on

It is encouraging to see in general terms the NIAC lobby’s proposed policy is in line with those of the Islamist Rapist Republic. NO sanction, that “targeted” ones are already in place, “tactical pause” till dust settles and then cutting a deal with the ruling Islamists.  Way to go "grass-roots" NIAC lobby!