Tough sanctions won't tame Tehran
Asia Times Online / Shahir Shahidsaless
13-Aug-2009 (6 comments)

Considering all the disturbing issues in Iran, will crippling sanctions help
the US to bring the Iranian government to the negotiation table and force it to
suspend its nuclear activities? The answer is "no"; not only will such a plan
fail, there are three key reasons why it will also lead Iran and the world to
perilous consequences.

First, the advocates of stiff sanctions fail to see that the ruling elite,
notably Ahmadinejad and his group, have an ideological mandate and their
decisions are ultimately shaped by their fierce passion for Islam. Ahmadinejad
and his circle would consider tough sanctions as an opportunity, no a
deterrent. They believe wholeheartedly that they are entering an apocalyptic
age, one which will eventually result in their victory. It would be god's will
if they made peace with the enemy and it would be god's will if they ended up
in war.

Second, it has been a well-known strategy throughout history to transform
internal political and social threats into external confrontation, thus getting
rid of the internal threat. Debilitating sanctions or warlike conditions would
furnish the ruling elite with the opportunity to silence the opposition by
claiming it is working with the enemy.

Third, the Iranian government will not stand by as a spectator while it is
under embargo. It will react and will elevate the confrontation by any m... >>>

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Fozolie: I wonder if you have found a way to have

by Bavafa on

Nuclear power plant without enriched Uranium, perhaps the invention of the century?

Or is it being suggested that Iran should rely on foreign governments to supply them which we all know it has been a tool for extortion with all the sanctions that has been imposed on Iran.

And finally why should Iran not be self sufficient, why shouldn't Iran enrich?


khaleh mosheh

چون نیک نظر کرد پر خويش در آن دید

khaleh mosheh

The problem is now the loss of credibility of the Iranian regime- Their now well documented track record as liers is making everyone worried about them making a bomb once they master the fuel cycle. 

The Israelis will exploit this but unfortunately the recent coup  and the subsequent crack down and thuggery in Iran has been a gift to them.



there is no case for uranian enrichment

by fozolie on

That is pure B.S. There is no need for Iran to enrich uranium if its nuclear programme is purely for peaceful purposes. 

Mr. Fozolie


Didn't Iran voluntarily

by Bavafa on

Didn't Iran voluntarily froze all enrichment and there was no real response on the West side. Why freeze it again



Well said gentlemen

by Q on

both of you.



by capt_ayhab on

War is what Israel wants and just like Iraq, they want USA to do their dirty work.