Do Iran’s hard-liners really believe ‘velvet revolution’ plot?
Christian Science Monitor / Dan Murphy
15-Aug-2009 (one comment)

The indictment is long on general discussion of the conspiracy, and rather short on specific accusations. All of the violence and protests that have occurred since the elections are painted as being instigated by the Islamic republic’s “defeated and despondent” foreign enemies, acting through its “local agents.” Who controls them? The 81-year-old Gene Sharp, the world’s foremost expert on nonviolent protest to effect democratic change.

Dr. Sharp’s Boston-based Albert Einstein Institution, which runs on an annual budget of $150,000, provides translations in two dozen languages of his manuals on nonviolent protest and by all accounts his advice has been taken by democracy movements from Latin America to Asia. (You can take a peek at the clearly menacing Sharp here.)

The prosecutor says there have been 198 discrete acts of protest against the regime since the election and that 100 of them “were executed in the accordance with the instructions of Sharp for a velvet coup.” The evidence for this? An unnamed Israeli spy currently in detention who, the prosecutor alleges, had been dispatched by Israel.

The “spies” accusations and evidence meander, at times. He says that Georgia’s Saakashivili is clearly an agent of the plot because he once rec... >>>


Hossein Derakhshan's footprints in Iran trial

by Patriot on

Hossein Derakhshan is no journalist.  He is not even a terribly educated man.  He went around running his uneducated mouth, putting down every single critic of IRI for a couple of years.  His silly and at times grossly inaccurate rantings are being used in the indictment of the people on trial in Iran.  Where is this guy?  How come nobody has heard from him in over 10 months?  Over the past 20 years, NOBODY has stayed in Iranian prisons for 10 months without news about his case or a trial.  Obviously his family haven't panicked yet, either!  This whole thing is the fishiest thing that has ever happened.