Testimony in Iran Trial Ties Mousavi to Unrest
The Washington Post

"You claimed fraud and made a deviation by not accepting the law and breaking it," said Mehrdad Gholamreza Aslani, a 22-year-old who was put on trial for sending a text message to the BBC and participating in unrest, according to Fars. "You caused people who voted for you to come to the streets and disrupt public discipline and do something that made the leader of the revolution sad."

State television, which broadcast the confessions, censored Mousavi's name so that only the letter "M" could be heard when Aslani and others made the accusations against the defeated candidate.

TV also showed parts of the indictments and video clips of city buses, banks and mosques set on fire. There were no images of the clampdown on the protests by authorities.

"Me and my friends in prison have reached the conclusion that we were misled and became the tools of some political elite and parties," Aslani said. "Election fraud became a code word for riots. Right here I want to admit my mistakes and ask for forgiveness from the supreme leader and the people."

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