Iran’s Opposition Claims ‘Evidence’ of Rapes
NY Times

In the midst of this all those in the room began to weep and cry, and said that one person had died. The voice was coming from the end of the room but you might not believe that we were all stuck to one another and could not move. Plainclothes guards entered the room, shattered the light bulbs and began to beat everyone in complete darkness. They hit anyone they saw in front of them. We were beaten for a good half an hour. A few went into a coma and may have even died from the intensity of the beatings. They then shined flashlights in our faces and said “if you let out any sound we will stick these batons.” I was in disbelief. It felt like a nightmare.

[One officer], who seemed to be of their higher rank took the dead body and laid it against the wall, shined a flashlight in his face and said, “We have warrant to kill you all. So you better wish for some luck and not end up like this [expletive], dead. Don’t let out the slightest sound. If you stay alive until morning you stay alive.” He then continued, “you are all Muharebe [combatants]."

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