Iran may change if it is attracted by an Asia model
The Daily Star Lebanon / Kishore Mahbubani

In the Iranian worldview, there are
three great ancient Asian civilizations: Chinese, Indian and Persian
(with Persia being the greatest). Iranians expect to perform on par
with China and India. So, while Western hectoring of Iran will not
work, when Iranians see their society falling far behind China and
India as those countries open up to the world, they may become
motivated to reconsider their path. The more Iranians visit China and
India, the more likely that Iran will change.  Similarly,
the West should find ways to re-engage with Iranian society, a major
obstacle to which is the absence of diplomatic relations between the
United States and Iran. American foreign policy assumes that diplomatic
relations with Iran are somehow an act of approval. In fact, the exact
opposite is true. Diplomacy was invented precisely in order to enable
relations between adversaries, not friends. No one needs diplomatic
immunity to talk to their friends. They need it to talk to their
adversaries. Unfortunately, no US politician appears willing to explain
this bit of common sense to the American public. A final reason for the West to change
course is that Western sanctions are proving increasingly useless. Only
12 percent of the world’s population lives in the West, and power is
slipping steadily away from it. The decision of the ... >>>
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