Iranian boy who defied Tehran hardliners tells of prison rape ordeal
Times Online / Homa Homayoun
22-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

The 15-year-old boy sits weeping in a safehouse in central Iran, broken in body and spirit. Reza will not go outside — he is terrified of being left alone. He says he wants to end his life and it is not hard to understand why: for daring to wear the green wristband of Iran’s opposition he was locked up for 20 days, beaten, raped repeatedly and subjected to the Abu Ghraib-style sexual humiliations and abuse for which the Iranian regime denounced the United States.

“My life is over. I don’t think I can ever recover,” he said, as he recounted his experiences to The Times — on condition that his identity not be revealed. A doctor who is treating him, at great risk to herself, confirmed that he is suicidal, and bears the appalling injuries consistent with his story. The family is desperate, and is exploring ways of fleeing Iran.

Reza is living proof of the charges levelled by Mehdi Karoubi, one of the opposition’s leaders, that prison officials are systematically raping both male and female detainees to break their wills. The regime has accused Mr Karoubi of helping Iran’s enemies by spreading lies and has threatened to arrest him.

The boy’s treatment also shows just how far a regime that claims to champion Islamic values is prepared to go to suppress millions of its own citizens who claim that President Ahmadinejad’s re-election was rigged.

Reza’s ordeal began in mid-July when he was arrested with about 40 othe... >>>

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Animals! Sorry, i din't mean to insult animals! Devils!

by gol-dust on

Trash! No, not trash. Assholes! M F's! You just want to beat them up so badly! Then, you would become like them! My heart goes for people who suffer like that!

Ahmed from Bahrain

I do not condone

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

revenge but sadistic acts as raping a young and defenseless child must never be tolerated in any society and the perpetrator must be brought to justice.

If ever those who uphold Islam in IRI can not bring themselves to seeing that justice is seen to be done, then this surely signals their downfall.

Then I have no regret for the thugs of any persuation, Islamic or otherwise.

My thought right now is with the poor boy and I can see his suffering. I wish I could hold him and say to him that not all humanity is like that and that life is worth living for. It has much beauty and then be able to offer him such beauty and dignity to go on.

That is what I call being a Persian. Those thugs need to resign for they have demeaned nt only peace-loving Muslims but also their own kind and heritage of Persia.

Here is where I have no qualms about saying : Down with IRI or any such vile regime that hides behind barbaric acts.

Get a life. We live in 21 century.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Not sad- horrific

by minadadvar on

I am unable to describe the horror that,  this child might be going through.  I consider myself as a pretty gentle person.  But I see blood.  The blood of the perperators.


It is so sad!

by yolanda on

The prison guards are sadists! Thanks for the article!