IRAN: Officials blame alleged rape victim for his own jailhouse attack
Los Angeles Times
24-Aug-2009 (one comment)

Iranian officials interviewed an alleged victim of jailhouse rape at the hands of security personnel. Butinstead of consoling him, they asked him embarrassing questions and
blamed him for the violence.

They said it was the young man's own fault for protesting the results of Iran's June 12 presidential elections, according to a fresh account of the alleged rape published on the website of a prominent reformist politician.

"I asked them why I and others were raped in prison," the young man says he asked two interrogators and a judge who had agreed to hear his story, according to the website of former parliamentary speaker Mehdi Karroubi.  

One of the three replied, "'When the supreme leader confirmed the election result, everyone should have recognized it."

The young man's tale of rape, the latest in a series of gruesome stories emerging from Iran's detention centers, was published today on the website of Karroubi's political party, Etemad Melli. (The website is in Arabic.)

The young man said he was raped by guards after being locked up in Tehran's now notorious Kahrizak detention center. 

He said he was at first humiliated by the experience and suicidal, but was consoled by Karroubi, a cleric, who helped him regain his composure and self-esteem.

"He devoted himself like a psychiatrist to me to convin... >>>

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Lynn Wong Abdullah

I believe

by Lynn Wong Abdullah on

When the basiji summoned my fiance and his coworker to their office, they were interrogated separated.  This was what happened, the basiji accused him of being a spy, as they tapped his mobile line, got access to his email, insulted him and even questioned what is his connection with Malaysia and if I am also a spy and since, he spoke ill of the regime and that he joined in the mass protest, the basiji said that should they kill him, that the spilling of his blood is 'halal' coz, speaking ill of the regime and the Supreme Leader is as if one has spoken ill of Allah.  After 4 hours of intense interrogation, he was asked to signed a confession paper which he was not in the right state of mind to even read what was written or not written on that peice of paper.  They would have arrested him and threw him in jail if it not for the appeal letter from his lecturer and department head of the hospital that he works at and instead he is now under 6 months suspension, not able to attend to his patients in the hospital, not able to attend any of his classes, can't seek employment - be it even in private practice, can't leave Tehran without permission and can't leave Iran.  His mobile line is totally barred, his email internet access is very limited, and as a doctor and a surgeon, he is just to sit and not do anything!  Is this all going to reform him or change his views about the regime?  What a shame and to think that hospitals are always lacking in doctors and we have a hard working doctor here being laid waste by the regime!  Down with IRI!