PM to push for tougher Iran sanctions
The Jerusalem Post / Herb Keinon

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will tell his counterparts in Britain and Germany during his meetings there this week that the stronger the sanctions that are imposed on Teheran now, the less likely there will be a need for "nondiplomatic" action later.
Prime Minister Binyamin...

Netanyahu, who left on Monday for a four-day, two-country European trip, will be meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Tuesday, US special Mideast envoy George Mitchell on Wednesday, and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. Germany is one of Iran's two largest trading partners in Europe, the other being Italy.

Government officials said Iran would obviously be a major component of Netanyahu's discussions. One official said that since the Iranian elections in June and the bloody aftermath, there was now "greater understanding in the international community as to the character of the Iranian regime," and therefore a "greater appetite to place pressure on that regime to" halt its march toward nuclear weapons.

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