Iran and Syria: So happy together
The Jerusalem Post / Barry Rubin
25-Aug-2009 (one comment)

WITH A US government so intent on apologizing to
everyone, all but ruling out the use of force or power politics and
apparently - in Iran's perception - afraid to confront its enemies,
they're concluding in Teheran and Damascus, as Ahmadinejad put it:
"Today the world has realized that Western theories are not working
anymore and that is why it needs the help and cooperation of Syria and

An increase in economic sanctions, which is the main US plan
against Iran at present, is not going to change this perception - or
Teheran's behavior. But before effective action [my emphasis] can be taken, there
must be the realization that a conflict is going on, one that is far
more important than the one between the US and al-Qaida.


Zionist laments...

by Ostaad on

War mongers, espcially the Zionist kind, never go away. It's good to know they can still push for war but there's someone in the WH who's not taking them seriously unlike the goat herder from Texas who ruined his country's reputation, economy and political influence in the ME because he was duped by the neo-con(artists) and the Zionists.