Iran's Powerful Revolutionary Guard Chief Comes Under Fire
Radio Free Europe / Golnaz Esfandiari
07-Sep-2009 (one comment)

'Military Interference'

But some reformists are hitting back at Jafari.

One of the strongest criticisms has come from a lawmaker, Hossein Hashemian, the head of the Imam faction in the Iranian parliament, who said on September 6 that Jafari has become too proud of his military rank.

Hashemian said Jafari should be prosecuted for his comments, which he said go against the views of the founder of the Islamic republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Hashemian said Khomeini was against the interference of the military in politics. Jafari, in his statement, cited some of the "confessions" by reformists who are currently on trial over the postelection unrest. He said the goal of what he called the postelection "riots" was to bring a change in the direction of the Islamic republic and bring about a "deviation from principles."

Hashemian said Jafari has labeled figures who have held top posts in the Islamic establishment and served the system for the past 30 years as potential foes of the Islamic state.

Hashemian told the website "Parlemannews" that Jafari's comments could be interpreted as an attempt to destroy Khomeini's legacy. He added that Jafari, as a military figure, didn't have the right to interfere in politics.

Going To Court

Two reformist political parties, the Islamic Iran Participation Front and the Militant Clerics Association, have also blasted... >>>


He should be tried for his crimes

by Patriot on

A lot of what the reformists are saying inside Iran is true and valid, but will never be enforced because there is no will to provide for justice in Iran.

My hope is that one day Jafari and all the other thugs and murderers who have systematically suppressed, tortured, and murdered Iranians are brought to a tribunal for their crimes against humanity.  That day may not be too far.