"Cooperation for Peace, Justice and Progress"
11-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

the new proposal is silent on Iran's own nuclear program. U.S. officials have said Iran is stockpiling uranium at an alarming rate and needs to account for unanswered questions about the program. The five-page Iranian proposal, hand-delivered to foreign diplomats in Tehran on Wednesday, has not been made public, but a copy was obtained by ProPublica

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This is a game and these morons are just the pawns

by farokh2000 on

These criminals were brought to power by CIA, when Shah's usefulness expired.

CIA had kept Khmieni in safe houses in Iraq and France for over 25 years .

When the late Shah became too full of himself and stopped  taking  orders from the Masters (like Saddam in later years), they told him to pack  up and leave.

They had Khomieni make all those tapes, full of lies underground and sent to Iran, and created a perfect atmosphere for the so called "Revolution".

Once the Mullahs were in, they murdered much more than the Shah had ever killed, to establish the brutal force that could keep them in power for years to come.

My guess is they are still following orders.

Otherwise, they would have been gone long ago.


ranting and rambling

by mahmoudg on

Nothing new, from a regime that is bent on using the bomb on its own citizens, before turninng its attention on its neighbors and annihilating the region, hence hastening the coming of the Mahdi.  Only lies and propoganda can keep this regime in power a little longer, but their end is near.