Iran Urges Disposal Of All Nuclear Arms
The Washington Post
11-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

In the interview, Samareh Hashemi called Washington's Iran policy a "paradox," influenced by "Zionists." He said Iran has offered "practical proposals" in the past to improve relations, including a request for direct airline flights between Tehran and New York. "But the Americans gave no response," he said.

He said the United States has not asked to open a consular office or interests section in Tehran, an idea that was floated in Washington last year. "If such a request comes, we will study it positively," he said.

Samareh Hashemi also called on the United States to apologize for "interfering in Iran's election and other instances of meddling," attacked America's two-party political system and denounced "liberal democracy" in Western nations. "Both the internal and external signs of this Western liberal democracy show that it's approaching defeat and collapse," he said.

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Understandable misrepresentation

by Fred on

The reasoning behind choosing the nut title that the Persian screen named of this world with distinctive pro-Islamist tilt might care to consider is the highlighted utterances of the nutty Islamist.

But since the real reason does not bode well with the Islamists’ nutty ideas the intentional misrepresentation by the Islamists are well understood.  


Yeap, we have come to an age and time that

by Bavafa on

the idea of disposing all nuclear arms is a "Nut" idea !!!!

 Or can one conclude that only warmongers thing it is a "Nut" idea to dispose of nuclear arms