Iran's aviation regulation seen as a factor in air crashes
LA Times / Borzou Daragahi
14-Sep-2009 (3 comments)

When the managing director of a small, trouble-prone Iranian airline won official permission in March to lease a couple of aging Russian-made airplanes, the country's small circle of aviation professionals gossiped about the strings he must have pulled to get the government's approval.

And when one of the planes burst aflame on the runway in late July, killing the executive, Mehdi Dadpei, his son and 14 others, few in the industry were surprised.

"Aria was famous for not adhering to safety standards for years," said an Iranian aviation industry insider, who spoke extensively to The Times on condition of anonymity. "Every time they had a problem, the managing director knew someone high up in the government who made it possible for Aria to continue as before."


Iran Civil Aviation Wreckless Mismanagement

by Fair on

Iran has one of the worst aviation records in the world, and it is not just because of US sanctions. IRI cares not for Iranian lives.



This is what some of us have been saying all along...

by Ostaad on

Thanks for the post.


Duh, it doesn't need a genius to figure this out.

by پیام on

Everybody is misplaced in Iran and everything is mismanaged as long as these bastards run Iran. Get used to it if you hadn't yet.