When Baha'is are free, then all Iranians will be
CNN / Hamid Dabashi
16-Sep-2009 (5 comments)

(CNN) -- In their latest communique regarding the fate of seven arrested members of the Baha'i religious minority in Iran, Amnesty International has expressed grave concern they may face the death penalty if they are found guilty of the charges of "espionage for Israel," "insulting religious sanctities," and "propaganda against the system."

As the Islamic Republic of Iran experiences the most serious challenge to its legitimacy in its 30-year history, the vulnerability of religious and ethnic minorities is the most accurate barometer of the crisis that all Iranians face in these dire circumstances.

Of all the various Iranian minorities, the Baha'i community historically has been the weakest and most vulnerable. The world's attention is rightly drawn to the fate of prominent reformists charged with treason, and to the arbitrary arrest, torture, rape and murder of young Iranians. But the fate of the Iranian Baha'is should not be eclipsed under the cloud of other civil rights abuses, for they represent much more than their own small community.

Ali Najafi

Growing Support

by Ali Najafi on

I want to thank Iranians from all religious and philosophical backgrounds (including atheists and agnostics) for their growing vocal support for the Baha'i suffering in Iran. The Iranian population, regardless of Faith or belief, is suffering and it is wonderful to see so many Iranians taking a stand for their Baha'i brothers and sisters.

Thank you!



When Baha'is are free, then all Iranians will be

by XerXes on

This is a good statement and we should make this our goal.



by Shepesh on



let us have a day in support of Bahais instead of palestinians

by mahmoudg on

The day we can march in the streets of Tehran and support the Bahais of Iran, is the day we can stand tall and show the world, that once more the mighty Persians can stand tall.  Let us have a day of Bahaollah rather than the day of Qods.

Bahram G


by Bahram G on

It is absolutely true that when Iranian Baha'is are fully emancipated, then all other minorities, including atheists and agnostics, will also enjoy their legitimate rights of citizenship.

It is a vestige of the dark ages for any society to single out any group for discrimination and persecution. And Baha'is, have had this terrible treatment by the mullahs and various governments ever since the inception of their faith.

Enough is enough. These mullahs and their evil functionaries have clearly demonstrated how degenerate they are. And not only the Baha'is and minorities, but the innocent decent Muslims are also victimized by these shameless crooks.

It is time to end the rule of Ahriman in the land of Ahuramazda.

Bahram G