Finally Taking Off Their Gloves
IPS Inter Press Services / Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler
07-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

Most critically, the coming half-year will be a containing period, not only
with regard to Israel and the Palestinians, but also with respect to Iran. It will
give Obama enough leeway to handle more effectively the talks on curbing
Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The gloves are indeed off.

Comprehensive peace was the goal, Barack Obama declared solemnly, when
he struck the opening bell for a new peace move in his landmark speech in
Cairo back in June.

Comprehensive is indeed the name of the U.S. Middle East game with Obama
as referee.

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Shah Ghollam

The irony is

by Shah Ghollam on

that the US and Israel are making a mockery of the world. In the end, such behaviour on world stage will come back to hunt both countries but for sure the US more much like other self created disasterous problems for the US namely:

-Creation of Hamas by Israel to country Fatah.

-Arming and supporting Saddam Hussein againt Iran.

-Funding and supporting Osma Bin Laden against the soviets in Afghanestan

-Keeping an anti Iran policy in harmony with Israeli wishes.

-Overwhelming support for Israel in the region.

....and so on!


Shah Ghollam

If this is not blackmail then what is?

by Shah Ghollam on

Israel: Ample proof was a palpable threat from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He declared that if the findings were adopted by the Human Rights Council, that would be tantamount to inflicting a "fatal blow to peace".