Is now the time to trust Iran?
The Jerusalem Post / David Wagner
11-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

One week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is wagging his finger at the world from the podium at the UN, stating that Iran will never relinquish the right to pursue a nuclear program. The next week, as if all the previous Iranian proclamations on the subject for many years had been mere posturing by the Iranian team in Geneva, he suddenly says Iran is willing to send the majority of its known enriched uranium stockpile to Russia for future reprocessing.

Which Iran is the world supposed to believe?

The Iran that could for the first time be taking a step back from the precipice, or the Iran that has consistently been intransigent on the question of adherence to nuclear safeguards and lied to the IAEA? Can anyone really believe that after decades in pursuit of a nuclear weapon and now being within a hair's breadth of achieving that objective, the Iranians are now willing to give it all up to break bread with the US?


Military attack has become the Zionists' mission..

by Ostaad on

Does anyone think Iran's proclamation that it will not give up the right to pursue a nuclear program, and agreeing to send a portion of its LEU stocks to another country for further enrichment are contradictory views or mutually exclusive? Only Iran's enemies want you to think so.



Are They Just Dumb or They Act That Way ?!

by HHH on

Where in "agreement to send enriched uranium out to get further enriched" tells you that Iran is no longer pursuing it's nuclear program?!

Which Iran is the world supposed to believe?

How about both, since they're both suggesting continuation of Iran's nuclear program.

How strange that these pathetic individuals like David Wagner try to "create" lies by word-manipulations. They must think they're dealing with a stupid world or at least stupid nation of Israel.

They continue by adding another lie to the first lie by saying that "Iran lied to IAEA" when in fact Iran was the one that promptly reported it's new plant location months before it was legally supposed to.

For the last 9 years Israel has been trying it's best to pursuade America to send their soldiers to Iran to get killed for israel, just as it did in Iraq. Up to this point US hasn't bought their lies even with so many israeli lobbyists and bought-&-Paidfor US leaders or cabinet members still Israel hasn't been successful in creating a cause to attack Iran.

Maybe Israel knows that attacking Iran could mean the end to Israel and possibly WWIII.