Gathafi names son second-in-command
Middle East Online
13-Oct-2009 (one comment)

Libyan leader Moamer
Gathafi has presented his son Seif al-Islam as head of state with
powers second only to those of the long-ruling colonel, an online
newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Gathafi asked senior
administrators last week to find an official position for Islam, his
second son, to allow him to implement reforms, according to Libya
Al-Youm, a usually well-informed website.

The committees, in theory
the highest executive body in the country and include tribal and
regional leaders, have since met to "discuss the position to assign" to
Islam, Korina reported on Tuesday.

They "decided unanimously
to appoint Seif al-Islam to the post of coordinator of social and
popular committees," including authority to oversee the parliament,
government and security" in Libya, the site said.


Reza Pahlavi, eat your heart out...

by Ostaad on

Hameh ye gohi shodan but Reza.