The Monster and Cinderella
asharq alawsat / Amir Taheri

Traditionally, the Iranian army is called "the big
mute", because it is the only component of the system not to
participate in any public debate. Unlike its counterparts in many
"developing nations" it has never tried to seize power or act as
political puppeteer.

The fact that the "big mute" is beginning to
speak out on any issue for the first time, may be a sign of the
Khomeinist regime's slow but steady deterioration.

It may also
indicate that Jaafari and his IRGC cohorts may not find it easy to
become puppet-masters behind Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.

One day, Khamenei may need the regular army to save him from the IRGC, the Frankenstein-style monster created by Khomeini.

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