Saudi-Iranian hostility hits boiling point
Asia Times Online / M K Bhadrakumar

Conventional wisdom suggests that the terrorist strike by Jundallah in
southeastern Iran on Sunday might have had the backing of the United States or
Britain. But Jundallah today holds "fatal" attraction for a number of foreign
powers that are interested in disorienting Iran's policies.
Saudi Arabia has two great worries over Iran. First, that Obama is pressing
ahead with the normalization process with Tehran - a "thaw" was visible at the
Geneva talks on October 1- and Tehran has begun responding to US overtures. The
worst Saudi nightmare is coming true.

Riyadh has a vested interest, which is no less than Israel's,
to disrupt the US-Iran nuclear talks. Ironically, alongside the reports on the
terrorist strike on Sunday, Iranian news agencies were quoting "sources privy
to the Vienna talks" that the Obama administration was "considering official
acknowledgement and endorsement of uranium enrichment in Iran". These "informed
sources close to the talks in
Vienna" said the US had "in a series of secret
meetings informed its European partners of Washington's decision on acceptance
of uranium enrichment in Ira... >>>

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