Iran’s expectations and expectations from Iran
Today's Zaman / BERİL DEDEOĞLU

It’s obvious that some people have tried to
warn Iran through terror. It is important to emphasize that this
warning came at a time when Iran showed its willingness to negotiate
with the West about its nuclear intentions. It’s doubtful that in a
country where Shiites are the majority, a terrorist attack perpetrated
by Sunnis will be able to provoke the political rifts that appeared
during the presidential election period. However, this kind of attack
may provoke social unrest. It appears that those who have committed
this attack don’t want Iran to normalize its relations with the West
over the nuclear issue.

If Iran
ensures that it won’t produce nuclear weapons, other nuclear countries
in the region will face much more pressure than today. If Iran
normalizes its relations with the West, those in the Taliban/al-Qaeda
camp who claim that the West targets all Muslims will be very

Iran’s guarantees of not producing nuclear
weapons will have bigger effects on the Middle Eastern balances than
its decision to go ahead with their production
[my emphasis].  Iran has become the symbolic engagement ring
of the United States and Russia, two essential players in the ongoing
game. The fact that Moscow and Washington agree on Iran disturbs some
Middle Eastern states, some European countries and the “hawks” within >>>

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