Mehdi Karroubi, the leader of the Etemad Melli Party, was attacked at the Tehran Press Fair
23-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

Mehdi Karroubi, leader of the Etemad Melli Party and the most vocal critic of the Iranian regime, was attacked at the Tehran Press Fair this afternoon after being loudly cheered by supporters, according to Iranian media reports. 

Parleman News, the news site of the minority Imam Line Faction of the Majlis, said that the assailants intended to inflict bodily harm on Karroubi. Karroubi had announced his intention earlier this week to attend the fair. 

The opposition leader was acclaimed upon his arrival at the trade gathering. He was charged by unknown assailants minutes later and his turban was knocked off.

The semi-official Fars News, close to the Revolutionary Guards, headlined its article on the attack with 'The people chased Karroubi from the exhibition as they chanted "Death to the hypocrite!"' Fars News posted a photo that looked suspiciously Photoshopped and showed a shoe striking Karroubi in the head. Earlier this week, a shoe was thrown at former Culture Minister Saffar Harandi as students protested his presence in Tehran University.

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shoe throwing has becoming a

by peace45 on

shoe throwing has becoming a fashionable thing in the Middle East.  Like suicide bombing, show throwing will be another attributes that will be uniquely middle eastern.  Great! how far  have we come form a nation of Saadi, Hafez and Molana to this?