Iran regime issues confidential gag order to press on eve of November 4 mass protests
homylafayette / homylafayette
27-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

The Iranian regime has sent a warning to the country's press to censor their coverage of mass protests planned by the Green Movement on November 4, according to a confidential letter published by opposition web site Mowjeh Sabzeh Azadi.

In a letter stamped 'urgent' and 'top secret,' Deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Alireza Malekian warned against steps taken by 'groups opposed to the regime' which may 'deviate public opinion from the ceremonies on the national day of struggle against world arrogance.' The missive was dated October 22 and addressed to the directors of national newspapers, news services, and web sites.

Malekian, who is in charge of press and information affairs, called on the media outlets to not publish 'any news, photos, or topics' which may provoke tension or breach public order. (For a scanned image of the letter and a full translation go here)

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how large do you think the

by liberation08 on

how large do you think the november 4 protests will be?



by yolanda on

IRI strategy probably won't work based on the previous protests.

thanks for the article!