'Turkey cannot remain silent when something goes wrong in the region'
Hurriet Daily News
27-Oct-2009 (one comment)

Davutoğlu said relations with Israel would not be limited within a time
frame. “Turkey initiated indirect talks between Israel and Syria. If
there is positive momentum, we will have good relations with everyone,”
he added. “If something goes wrong, as a leading country in the region,
we cannot remain silent.”

When asked whether the Turkish government would take steps to ease
the recent tension between Turkey and Israel, Davutoğlu said: “If a
similar event [to the 2008 Gaza War] takes place in Gaza tomorrow, we
will react, wherever it may be, Israel or another country. We will not
let civilians die in the region. We will do everything we are capable
of doing.”

When questioned about his country’s relations with Iran, the foreign
minister said Turkey was first and foremost against nuclear weapons.
“Second, we support peaceful nuclear technology. This is everyone’s
right, not just that of a few countries. Third, we want a nuclear-free
region,” he said.



Bazam torkaa

by Ostaad on


Are the Arab "powers" yesterday's news? There doesn't seem to any steam coming out of the Saudis and the Egyptians. Obviously the center of gravity in the ME is shifting to the Iran-Turkey axis-of-friends.