Collection of eyewitness accounts of November 4
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The following is a compilation of accounts of November 4 protests in the words of eyewitnesses.

- (The following is particularly significant because it comes from a pro-regime blog with a photo of Leader Ali Khamenei on its home page.)Oh God, It is only because of my holy mission that I write these few lines
Perhaps those who read these few lines will not believe that I, the editor of the Beheshteh Khouban (Paradise of the Good) blog, am saying these things. But this piece has not been written out of anger at the security forces. I'm upset at myself. The manner the security forces confronted people who had nothing to do with this situation, people for whom neither this side was important, nor the other side bad. I don't want to have anything to do with the supporters of the opposing camp. I believe that what they're doing is one hundred percent wrong. But the security forces did not act in a measured way. And if I could have taken photos of some of the scenes that I saw, the reputation of the security forces would undoubtedly go under question. I had the pleasure of receiving over 50 baton blows from the security forces and police! From Vali Asr Junction to Mottahari Street, I saw things with my eyes that are not easy to digest. I don't agree with rioting and today I saw people on Mottaheri Street who were just passing through and not creating any problems get beaten up by our brothers in the security forces. Actually I should say, how I wish that what I h... >>>

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