VAFA Animal Shelter in Hashtgerd, Iran
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17-Nov-2009 (4 comments)

VAFA Animal Shelter is located in the town of Hashtgerd, outside Tehran. VAFA survives through donations and is run by volunteers and two employees. VAFA provides shelter for over 300 dogs and provides care for any animal in distress. I like to familiarize all of you with the self less humanitarian effort of individuals whom we all should be proud of and willing to lend a hand to. Please go to the link and familiarize yourself with the shelter, the hard work of its volunteers, and to promote respect for all forms of life. Please forward the link to those who have a heart. And find it in your heart to send monthly donations and adopt a dog just by paying a few dollars a month. With just 30 dollars a month, price of a cup of coffee a day, ( or any amount you can give ) you can help these innocent angels to survive cruelty, hunger,and suffering. We owe this to our culture and to humanity . Thank you.

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Anonymous Observer

Great Job, but

by Anonymous Observer on

they need to some neutoring and spaying, otherwise, the population will get out of control and they will rund out of resources to continue their great work.   

میرزا چغندر

No NIAC, no nothing among them; all peaceful, calm and, civil

by میرزا چغندر on

Was it really necessary to "photoshop" green collars on some of these innocent creatures of love and loyalty.

Smart up; you guys!


Wonderful blog. Please keep

by sag koochooloo on

Wonderful blog. Please keep us updated.

Shah Ghollam


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Thanks for sharing.