Israel's enemy within: A rising militancy from the Jewish settlements
GlobalPost / Matt McAllester
19-Nov-2009 (2 comments)

....When he arrived in handcuffs at Jerusalem District Court on Nov. 11, the 37-year-old Teitel, who was born in Florida, said: “It was a pleasure and honor to serve my God. God is proud of what I have done. I have no regrets."

Teitel’s arrest and indictment have reminded Israelis of a long-held national fear: that beyond the conflict with the Palestinians there is another enemy, the enemy within that is the extreme wing of the settler movement, many of them originally Americans.


Even the "chosen" people can be terrorists

by verytass on

Of course the media here will not get an second of coverage to that, lest tarnishing the holier than holly image of the "chosen" people.


Shah Ghollam


by Shah Ghollam on

The chosen people have been involved in terrorist acts even long before Arabs or anyone else gets into that business. it is just that in Western media such news is smartley reported. By that I mean, it is reported mostely in local news and usually as a flash news for a short time and then nothing. you can be sure that media does not portray their terrorist nature of acts as 'terrorism' unlike what they do with anyone muslim

A case that I remember is a Jewish Dr. from Tanpa Florida. He had meant to blow up mosques and muslim schools with complete plans. he was arrested before he commits his crimes but was never called a 'Terrorist'. he had so much explosives hidden in his house that could blow up the entire housing complex where he was living.

Read for yourselves: