Iranians in Exile
New York Times / Roger Cohen
28-Nov-2009 (3 comments)

I looked down at the lights of Tehran, cradled in its mountainous amphitheater. In 1936, the shah’s father had banned the veil in a furious Ataturk-like push for Westernization. In 1979, the Islamic Republic had re-imposed the hijab on all women. Now, in 2009, a reformist movement trying to chart a middle course — a non-theocratic but also non-secular path — had been bloodied before my eyes. Iran’s tragedy overwhelmed me.

Iran is betraying its aching children. There is a middle path, Shiite and democratic, of which Nazila and Babak and countless others could be part. Their country has been hijacked. The waste is immeasurable — and unnecessary

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Great article

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Why "with respect"?

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I agree with your comment faryarm, except for the "with respect" part.  This poster has always prefaced his Roger Cohen posts with the "Clueless Roger" inanity, even though anyone reading Cohen would immediately recognize the work of a skilled writer and an astute analyst.  Perhaps the name Cohen is too Jewish for some people to accept.  I, on the other hand, wish that there were more journalists like Roger Cohen to help in informing us.



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With respect,

Anyone who has been on the ground and witnessed events  upclose in Iran has more of a clue than most of us espresso drinking exiled online browsers....