Mousavi nephew among Iran Dead
Al Jazeera
27-Dec-2009 (one comment)

The nephew of Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi is reportedly among at least five people killed in continuing clashes between police and protesters.

An aide to the leader said on Sunday that Seyyed Ali Mousavi died after being shot by the police, but the claim could not be independently verified as foreign media are barred by the authorities from covering street unrest.

Police said that five people were killed in clashes in the capital Tehran in a "suspicious way".

Ahmad Reza Radan, Iran's deputy police chief, also said that 300 protesters had been arrested following the violence.

"In the incident several people were killed. One fell off a bridge, two died in car accidents and one was killed by a bullet," Radan said.

Referring to the person shot dead, he said: "As the police was not using firearms this (death) is suspicious and it is being investigated."

Opposition websites said at least four protesters were killed in Tehran while another four died in a violent crackdown on opposition protests in the northwestern city of Tabriz.

"During clashes between security forces and protesters ... at least four protesters were killed in Tabriz and many others wounded," the Jaras website said.

It earlier said that four protesters had died in Tehran and protesters chanted angry slogans seeking revenge.

"We will kill those who killed our brothers," it quoted demonstrators as chanting.

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SO FAR Admitting to FIVE DEAD

by Monda on

Radan claims 300 arrested and 5 suspiciously dead, as he insists police was not using guns!