Iran opposition figures arrested as protests continue
Guardian UK / Betty, Tait & agencies

An Iranian opposition supporter covers his face with his bloodstained hand during clashes with security forces in Tehran. Photograph: Amir Sadeghi/AFP/Getty Images



Clashes between the Iranian authorities and the reformist movement continued today following yesterday's crackdown which that left at least nine dead, including the nephew of the main opposition leader.


Police fired teargas on crowds mourning Ali Mousavi, a nephew of Mir Hossein Mousavi, and arrested a further seven reformist activists, including Ali Riza Beheshti, the opposition leader's closest aide, and Ebrahim Yazdi, a former foreign minister, according to Iranian opposition websites.


"A group of Mousavi supporters have gathered in front of Ibn-e-Sina hospital where his nephew's body was kept ... Police fired teargas to disperse them," the Norooz website reported.


The latest crackdown comes after reformist demonstrators were killed during anti-government rallies marking Ashura, one of the holiest days in the Shia calendar. The unrest was one of the bloodiest confrontations between the government forces and pro-reform protesters since the disputed presidential election in June. The brutal tactics of the ... >>>

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