U.S. Decides to Punish Iranian Regime, Not People
NIAC/Huffington Post / David Elliott
05-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

Last week countless protesters across Iran made yet another brave stand against their government, in an event that had political reverberations across the world. The continued demonstration of strength by the Iranian opposition has not only showed the increasing isolation of Iran’s ruling elite, but also helped cement a dramatic policy shift that has been quietly taking shape in the White House. Rather than pursuing “crippling sanctions” against Iran’s entire economy — and crushing the middle class that makes up the backbone of the opposition movement — the White House has decided to instead focus harsh sanctions on specific elements of the Iranian government, according to senior administration officials speaking to the Washington Post, LA Times, and Reuters. This is the culmination of a dramatically changed debate in Washington, and comes in stark contrast to the indiscriminate approach many in Congress favor. But it is exactly the approach that prominent leaders in the green movement and groups like the National Iranian American Council have supported for months.
The administration appears to have decided that its first rule should be to do no harm to the opposition movement, which is gaining strength and momentum despite six months of violent repression and intimidation. “We have never been attracted to the idea of trying to get the whole world to cordon off their economy,” a senior U.S. official told the Post. “We have to be deft at this, becau... >>>


aiming for IRGC

by Patriot on

How does it work when the sanctions are targeted at IRGC (Sepah Pasdaran)?  IRGC is now managing anything from IT companies to oil and gas projects to Iran's telecom?  How would this play out?  IRGC has some 800+companies which hire thousands of people?

Would targeting IRGC mean that the Iranian government might return some of those businesses to private sector in order to keep them running? Sepah now owns Iran! How can US tell which business is theirs and what's not?

It all sounds too difficult to manage and Sepah might find a way out of it. 



Hallellujah, once step closer

by mahmoudg on

Now that the US admin. has realized who the enemy is we are one step close to a series of surgical attacks on the regime's IRGC and leadership assets.  By doing this, we would have dealt the final proverbial blow to the regime.