Trial underway for Baha'i leaders in Iran
12-Jan-2010 (3 comments)

(CNN) -- Seven leaders of Iran's Baha'i minority went on trial in Tehran Tuesday accused of spying for Israel, a charge their supporters say is motivated by religious discrimination.

The seven -- two women and five men -- are also accused of spreading propaganda against the Islamic republic and committing religious offenses, charges that can carry the death penalty.

"We understand that no observers were allowed in the court," said Diane Ala'i, the Baha'i International Community's representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. "We understand that even the lawyers had to argue their way inside the court -- lawyers who, in any case, had virtually no access to the accused for nearly two years."

At the same time, interrogators from the intelligence ministry and a film crew were seen going into the courtroom, Ala'i said.

"We find this completely outrageous, given that these seven have been held purely because of their religious beliefs, in total contradiction to any human rights standards," she said.

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Mona 19

First session ends in trial of Baha'i leaders in Iran

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Ali Najafi


by Ali Najafi on

It is interesting that the IRI is doing these Showtrials behind close doors and is not airing it for all Iranians to see. They are filming and will later show whatever they end-up editing.

Is the IRI worried that the rest of the Iranian population will see that these people are innocent? Is the IRI afraid for Iranians (and the world) to see the integrity and dignity of these 7 Baha'i leaders in contrast to the unjust and cruel behavior of the government.

Bahram G

Shame on the Mullahs

by Bahram G on

The on-the-rope Mullahs already seen by the Iranian people as the most heartless self-serving degraders of the name of Islam are at it again. They need distractions. They need scapegoats. They need to spell blood. So, here is the show trial. It is not even a show trial since they are not letting the innocent peoples' lawyers to participate in the proceedings.

The Iranian nation will never buy these disgracers of the nation's false claims regarding the phony charges of spying against these innocent upright people. Iranian Baha'is are among the most devote lovers of Iran for it is the country that gave birth to their faith and its founder.

Every Iranian and every decent human being and organization in the world should do all they can to seek the immediate unconditional release of these innocent people as well as all those magnificent children of Iran who are languishing in the Mullahs' horrific dungeons.