Iranian, Israeli students build bridges / Yaheli Moran Zelikovich

Recent weeks have seen a kinship formed between Israeli and Iranian students who hold correspondence via mediating Europeans students, some of whom are Iranian exiles. The sides have even planned simultaneous protests against the regime in Tehran.

Shahin Nassiri, spokesman for the Iranian student association, has recently contacted the National Union of Israeli students from his current home in Holland and thanked them for their active support.

In his letter, Nassiri inquired whether Israel would be willing to join the global battle against dictatorship and terror alongside Germany, Demark, Belgium, Switzerland and England.

The connection between the two groups formed following a desperate appeal by an Iranian female student to the European Students' Union, in which Israel is a member. The European organization issued an urgent request to save fellow Iranian students, whose lives are in danger. Consequently, Israeli students have been keeping daily contact with the Iranians.

Lilach Meir, head of foreign relations at the National Students' Union said that both parties have forged a personal relationship despite the risk.

"They are very careful, both in e-mails and in telephone conversations with us. Our contact person is an Iranian student who fled to Holland," she said. "Yesterday he said that every e-mail and anything sent is checked by the government and puts the students at danger."

Meir stressed that the students are making a... >>>

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