An Intelligence Ministry employee's letter after 22 Bahman
homylafayette / homylafayette

Aziz Jaan,

Greetings to you on the day after the glorious 22 Bahman celebrations.

It has been some time since I last wrote and I beg your indulgence. With God's blessing, I have been working like a donkey at the Intelligence Ministry ever since about 5,000 unreliable elements were laid off over the summer. But do they give us extra pay? Suffice it to say that I brought up the matter with my supervisor Jaberi -- the man has been insufferable since he went for that training session in Moscow -- and he said 'Nyet.' Did we have a revolution so people would go around using foreign words, I ask you? And he seemed so nice when he got back and brought me those Russian dolls I keep on my desk. A beautiful little Imam Khomeini, may he rest in peace, inside Hashemi Rafsanjani inside Jannati inside General Jafari inside His Excellency Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei. And I say 'inside' with the greatest respect. I've taken Rafsanjani out and keep him at home, just in case my office is searched.

Jaberi says we're on a tight budget, but I don't see them cutting back on entertainment expenses. We ordered 100,000 Sundis juice packs and sandwiches last month for the epic rally in support of the regime. And yesterday we handed out truckloads of gifts and food to the loyal and pious people. They were giving little gold coins and coupons for hotels next to the Caspian Sea to random supporters outside several mosques. One night in a hotel in Ramsar is at least 100,000 tou... >>>

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