Shadi Sadr Testifies at the UN on Her Imprisonment
NIAC / Shadi Sadr

Iranian lawyer and women rights' defender testified on Friday February 12 at the United Nations regarding her arrest and detention in July 2009:

Violation of rights in Iran, a window from my experience to a broader picture

When I was sitting in an interrogation room, with my face to the wall, my eyes covered with a blindfold and my body with a chador, I never imagined that one day I would be at the United Nation Headquarters giving my testimony about this very day. So, I am very glad that I have the chance to be here, especially when many other political prisoners are still locked up inside the prisons or, even among those who were released, have to remain silent and neutralized out of fear. Let me start with my own experience, which is just one example of the many human rights violations that have occurred in Iran since the June 2009 Presidential Election.

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